Europäische Stanzform Union e.V.

Invitation to an Extraordinary General Meeting

The planning of the Technology Forum 2021 is progressing. Currently, despite Corona, we have almost the same participation as in 2019.

Currently the numbers of new infections are dropping significantly in most European countries, and the third wave seems to be broken as things stand. Germany now regularly vaccinates more than a million people a day. The German health minister is talking about relaxing travel requirements, and the EU is also considering relaxing travel requirements with America and other countries where vaccination is widely used. All these are very good signals for a successful Technology Forum 2021.

With all the euphoria , we know that we are dealing with a changeable opponent. Some interested exhibitors are still hesitating and want to decide at short notice. But if now, as written above, the travel requirements for our non-European partners, exhibitors, visitors can be eased again, the vaccination rate, as to be expected e.g. in Germany, should be well above 50%, then we have the chance, after about 1 1/2 years of massive restrictions, to achieve a very well attended and correspondingly successful Technology Forum 2021.

Now it is so that the federation and the executive committee are to act for the general welfare of the members. And in the current situation, any decision can be the right or wrong one. Therefore, the ESU Board has decided to discuss the current situation with you, dear members, in an extraordinary General Meeting. It is you who are the pillars of the Technology Forum with your commitment, your membership fees and as exhibitors with your exhibition costs.

We have chosen 18.06.2021 as the date for the meeting. From our point of view, this leaves enough time to observe the current development and to see whether the downward trend can consolidate to justify far-reaching relaxations, which are a basic prerequisite for our Technology Forum. On the other hand, there is still enough time after 18.06.2021 for all parties involved to organize both the participation and the Technology Forum itself.

So we will present the current status of our planning on 18.06.2021 and try to inform you with as much realistic information as possible about planned travel facilitation. After that we would like to discuss the dates with you and at the end you as members should vote on whether we will hold the Technology Forum 2021 as we have planned.


Date of General meeting : 18.06.2021

Place : virtuelles Meeting via Internet

Start : 11:00 Uhr MEZ

Language of the Meeting : Englisch

By 15.06.2021 you will receive a mail with your personal dial-in data for the virtual General Meeting. If you have not received this mail by 16.06.2021, please request your access data from:

If, after the opening of the General Meeting on 18.06.2021 at 11.00 a.m., we find that less than 50% of the voting members participate in the virtual meeting, the meeting will be deemed not to have a quorum. The virtual meeting will then be held, in accordance with the Articles of Association, 30 minutes later with the same agenda. You can use the same dial-in data for this as before. The General Meeting will then have a quorum regardless of the number of members dialed in. For further information, please refer to the agenda, which is an integral part of this invitation.

A g e n d a

for the Extraordinary General Meeting of the

European Diemaker Association on 18.06.2021

(This is a translation of the German language invitation. Only the German version is legally binding)

1) Opening and welcome

2) Determination of the quorum and the number of members entitled to vote.

3) Approval of the agenda and possible changes of the agenda

4) Information about the current status of the planning of the Technology Forum 2021

5) Discussion of the members

6) Voting on the realization of the Technology Forum 2021

7) Discussion on how to hold the General Meeting 2021.

Note: at the General Meeting 2020 it was decided to hold the General Meeting in Luxembourg, in parallel with the Technology Forum. It is put to the vote to hold the General Meeting outside of the Technology Forum, again online.

8) Voting on the organization of the General Meeting 2021

9) Miscellaneous

Meerbusch, 01.05.2021

Patrick Gil, 1st chairman

Martin Rönngard, 2nd chairman

Frédéric Ohmes von Mertens, 3rd chairman

Marcel Tigchelaar, treasurer

Jennifer Dussault, secretary