General Meeting 22.09.2023



enough zoomed !!!

Now we meet again in person. And that in beautiful Amsterdam ! A vibrant city with a unique blend of historical beauty and modern charm. From the picturesque canals to the fascinating museums and lively markets, the city offers a diverse cultural experience that delights visitors from all over the world. Just the right backdrop for our event. It immediately brings back memories of Lyon and the wonderful boat trip against the picturesque backdrop of Lyon in the most beautiful weather.

Amsterdam is a true paradise for shopping lovers. A diverse selection of boutiques, trendy stores and vintage stores await you on your shopping trip. You can feel like Hansel and Gretel in the land of milk and honey. 😀

But before walking through the picturesque streets of Amsterdam, here is the organizational stuff:

As always, we have reserved a contingent of rooms at the Novotel until 11/08.

Members can download the hotel booking form here : Download

We recommend booking from 21.09 to 23.09.23. The general meeting will start at 09.30 in the rooms of the Novotel and is expected to end around 11.30. After a small snack, the meeting of the German FDS will continue. Afterwards a short free time is announced for all.

At 5:30pm we will all meet in the hotel lobby and then walk together for about 5-10 minutes to the canal, where we will depart with Blue Boat for a 60-90 minute boat ride through Amsterdam.

Conveniently, the tour ends directly at the Grand Café Lido. Here we will then have our dinner in a very cozy atmosphere. As always, you have the choice between delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Also for the drinks is of course amply provided  😉 .

After two hours, the dinner is officially over and you are now free to explore the nightlife of Amsterdam. A well-known Dutch brewery has certainly ensured in advance that the taps do not run empty 🙂


Now only one question remains to be answered: how will you all get back to the hotel? And while we are thinking about your mobility, how can we support you if you want to visit the City outside our program? After all, you could use the time between the meetings and the boat trip, or the day after the meeting. If you arrive by car, you will have to check out in the morning, but you can still use the Novotel parking lot all day.  Therefore, all members attending the boat trip and dinner will be provided with a 48 hour ticket for metro, streetcar and bus in Amsterdam. There is a metro station right next to the Novotel within a 4 minute walk. You will receive information about the timetables from us on site. By the way, the 48 hour ticket starts from the moment you use the ticket for the first time. So if you feel like exploring Amsterdam even after the meeting, your mobility is well taken care of …..

To participate in the social program as a member, please download the registration form here:   Download

Please send the completed form to:

The cost per participant is €85.00 and includes participation in the boat trip and dinner, as well as the 48-hour ticket.

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