At the general meeting on 13.09.2019 the board of the European Diemaker Association e.V. was up for election. Patrick Gil (VALFORMES) was re-elected as 1st chairman and Martin Rönngard (Stallinjestans AB Laserform) as 2nd chairman. Frédéric Ohmes von Mertens (Essmann + Schaefer GmbH + Co.KG) was elected as 3rd chairman for the first time.
In addition to Marcel Tigchelaar (Dicar Europe B.V.) as treasurer and Jennifer Vossen (Vossen Profitec GmbH) as secretary, the Executive Board is again complete. Mrs. Vossen and Mr. Tigchelaar were already elected to their office in 2018.

Holger Sangl (DMG Gustke GmbH) and Dietmar Gehrs (wekaform GmbH) were elected as auditors for the first time.

We would like to thank the Executive Board and the auditors for making themselves available for these tasks and wish you all the best for your term of office.