Europäische Stanzform Union e.V.

European Diemakers Association

Invitation to the General Meeting 2019

Date of the meeting : 13.09.2019

Venue : LuxExpo The Box, 10 Circuit de La Foire Internationale, 1347 Luxembourg, Luxemburg

Beginning of the event : 5:00 pm

Language of the event : English


1) Opening and welcome

2) Confirmation of quorum and number of present members

3) Approval of the agenda and/or agenda items modified

4) Election of the Voting Committee

5) Approval of the minutes of last meeting in Lyon ( published in the ESU Magazine, edition 03-2018 and ESU Website)

6) Executive Committee progress report

7) Regional reports

  • Germany

  • France

  • Italy

  • Swiss

8) Financial report 2018 and budget plan 2019/2020

9) Cash audit report

10.1) Discussion and approval of the reports

10.2) Discharge of the Management Board

11) Election of the board (Re-election is possible)

  • 1.Chairman

  • 2.Chairman

  • 3.Chairman

12) Election of two cash auditors (Re-election is possible)

13) Amount of membership fees 2020

14) Amendments to the ESU-Rules: Relocation of the seat of the association

15) Approval of date and place for next General Meeting 2020

16) Approval of date and place for next Technology Forum 2021

17) Miscellaneous

Remark: Petitions on the general annual meeting and proposals for further agenda items shall be submitted to the Executive board in writing and well-founded at least 15 (in words: fifteen) days before the date of the general annual meeting (acc. to article § 9.4)

Meerbusch, 20.06.2019

Patrick Gil – 1.Chairman

Martin Rönngard – 2. Chairman

Marcel Tigchelaar – Treasurer

Jennifer Vossen – Secretary