It was the first time for me, that I could be a part of the  organization and finally on the forum. It was a pleasure for me that besides all the professionalism the cooperation with all involved persons, exhibitors, LuxExpo employees and visitors was at all times harmonious and loose. During the tour of the exhibition, many satisfied faces were to be discovered, oozed mood at the traditional dinner.

If you regularly visited our homepage in the last months, you will have noticed some changes. The site was also used to facilitate the organization of the Annual General Meeting and the Technology Forum. The number of visitors rose in the course of the preparation from 101 in January over 402 in June to over 800 now in this, still running month. Obviously, the way was the right one. In the future, we would like to discuss with you, the members, in this blog. This does not mean you are discussing with the office or the board, here we want to revive the spirit of an association and discuss it among ourselves. Most articles and discussions will only be visible to the members, but some will be public. Finally, we want to further promote the interest in our association. For me, as responsible person of the office, no easy task to animate you here and to find the right topics. But I am sure that support will come from you.

So anyone who wants to praise or criticize the office-work, the Technology Forum or whatever, can do it now. I would just like to ask you to keep the usual nettiquettes. Please, leave your first comment here.