ESU board again complete

At the general meeting on 13.09.2019 the board of the European Diemaker Association e.V. was up for election. Patrick Gil (VALFORMES) was re-elected as 1st chairman and Martin Rönngard …

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Impressions Luxembourg 2019

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Minutes and handouts General Meeting 2019

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Minutes and handout 

General Meeting 2019

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additive manufacturing: carbon

Our goal is to keep our internet presence up to date. Find here some interesting videos about additive manufacturing with carbon …

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Strategy&-Analysis 3D printing

Prototypes are already being produced in 3D production facilities in production halls, but in the coming years, the process will only reach its full economic potential: By 2030, the global market for 3D printing products in the industry will average between 13 and 23% per year. market volume of EUR 22.6 billion, according to a recent analysis by Strategy &, the strategy consulting firm of PwC, in cooperation with Materialize’s 3D printing specialists….

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Self-learning assistance system for efficient processes

Support for the operation of production machines
Self-learning assistance system for efficient processes
To prevent long downtimes and high quantities of scrap, manufacturers must design production processes to be stable and efficient. Particularly successful outcomes are achieved when the experience of the people who operate the machines is taken into account. The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in Dresden is developing a self-learning assistance system …


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